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You are your own best expert

Being human comes with all types of legitimate challenges including: health problems, loss of loved ones, relationship struggles, loneliness, depression, financial struggles, politics, employment, family, health, trauma, and finding meaning in life, just to name a few.

For every difficulty we face there are numberless voices offering solutions whether: friends, family, social media, articles, podcasts, news outlets, talk shows, and on and on.

With SO much information out there it's not surprising that we often struggle to trust or recognize our own truth. As a society we have gravitated toward relying on the expertise of others as opposed to our own.

And yet, is it really likely that someone (or some algorithm) you've never met can actually know better than you what's ultimately in your best interest?

In nearly two decades as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with people just like you, I've come to firmly believe that nobody knows you better than you, and that the best solutions to your challenges are inside of you, just waiting to be discovered. I believe YOU are your best expert, and I invite you to join me in discovering this reality for yourself!

How Can I Be My Own Best Expert?