The Finding Podcast
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How Can I Participate in The Finding Podcast?

The Podcast is a central focus of the Finding Community. Each week I will add a recorded conversation and mindfulness session, both aimed at increasing self-awareness from a place of courage, curiosity, compassion, creativity, and connection.

Conversations will be informed by research, my clinical work and personal experiences, and the topics we discuss in our private forum.

I've tried to make joining as simple as possible. To listen to conversations and mindfulness episodes just click on either the Spotify or Apple Podcasts link and you're in. Stay for as long or as little as you like. If it turns out not to be a good fit there's no penalty for leaving, just gratitude for your giving it a try.

To join the private forum, click on the link above or on the "Community" page. Before joining you will be asked a couple short questions about your goals for joining, and asked to agree to our community guidelines.

Joining the private forum is free. Both Spotify and Apple Podcasts feature one free podcast introduction and one free mindfulness episode. Ongoing listening requires a monthly subscription.

To establish the fee I took an average cost for one therapy session in the U.S. ($150) and broke it up over 12 months ($12.50). While this is not “therapy,” and I am not your therapist, the principles guiding our community are sound therapeutic principles and the process has immense therapeutic value. Once you give it a try I hope you will agree!

I'm committed to no ads, no tiers, just one simple monthly fee that's the same for everyone.

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